Toner refilling service is not only to protect the environment, but also to save costs for you.
    Laser printing is faster, and the corresponding effect is better. It is an ideal printing office equipment. As a result, the penetration rate of laser printers is getting higher and higher. Many enterprise users sometimes prefer laser printers. What is insufficient is that the price of consumables such as selenium drums is still relatively expensive. The price of replacing selenium drum is mostly around 400 yuan. If printing is frequent, the cost is relatively considerable. The addition of toner cartridge reduces the cost of this material by about 70%.
     It can be seen that if the original cartridge is used, the cost is enormous. Under normal circumstances, we recommend the addition of toner cartridges. However, the addition of selenium drum powder is also limited, its life generally does not exceed four times, mostly about three times the effect is very unsatisfactory. But even so, the overall cost is ideal.
    It is worth noting that, through the merchant add powder will not be able to use for a period of time, so many users on their own, such as add a carbon powder, buy a bottled carbon powder on the market, take some tools to start their own, although for many people to see the selenium drum add powder several times to know how to do it. But there are some matters needing attention. They are totally ignorant, and matters needing attention are also a very important factor. If you don’t pay attention well, it’s very likely that the drum will be reimbursed in your hands.


Environmental protection is a social responsibility.

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High quality toner, no spare parts cost, save more
Strict quality control to ensure new printing quality.
Here are some tips and tips for powder recommendation I recommend to you.
1, understand the status of your toner cartridge assembly. That is to say, if the parts contained in the selenium drum assembly are suitable for filling carbon powder directly, only when the parts of the imaging unit are in good condition, can you obtain satisfactory printing quality. The specific method is to print some samples before adding carbon powder, so as to judge whether the selenium drum assembly needs to replace some parts. If printing defects occur, in order to ensure printing quality, it is necessary to replace the relevant parts.
2, before dismantling the toner cartridge, a small box should be prepared to store parts to prevent the loss of accessories.
3, disassemble photosensitive drums. Photoreceptor drum is the most critical and easily damaged part. The organic photoconductive layer on the surface of photoreceptor drum is vulnerable to bruise, scratch and strong light damage. Improper handling may cause defects in the printing of a sound photosensitive drum, so in the process of folding, not only to avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid long-term exposure of fluorescent lamps. It is forbidden for hard objects to collide with the surface of drums and to touch directly the coating on the printing area of drums with hands, so as to avoid sweat and oil stains and produce bad prints.
4, dismantling magnetic roller. The magnetic roller is one of the components which have the greatest influence on the blackness of the printed matter. The thickness and roughness of the black coating will change with the continuous use. The black coating of the magnetic roll is the easiest to scratch. The magnetic roll is composed of aluminium sleeve and magnetic core. Because of the role of the magnetic core, some small metal parts are easily absorbed to the surface of the magnetic roll. During relative movement, the coating of the magnetic sleeve will be scratched. In addition, in the process of folding, magnetic rollers are easily adsorbed to the surrounding metal parts, causing accidental coating damage. The lack of black coating will result in a lack of printed characters or patterns. Therefore, in disassembly and assembly, the magnetic rollers should be stable, not placed casually, and should be kept away from other metal parts to avoid hard objects. If the black coating on the magnetic roll looks very thin after blowing off the carbon powder absorbed on the magnetic roll, and even the color or surface of the aluminum base looks very bright, then the printed matter produced by such a magnetic roll will be light, and a new magnetic roll or magnetic roll sleeve should be replaced.
5. Dismantling powder bin scraper is under the magnetic roll, controlling the thickness of carbon powder layer on the magnetic roll, and assisting carbon powder to rub charged parts. It is composed of metal stamping parts and a polyurethane rubber strip. The rubber strip must have a certain hardness, so that the thickness of carbon powder layer can be uniformly controlled and the carbon powder can be charged effectively for a long time. The friction will cause aging, deformation, bending and loss of elasticity, which will lose its application function. Print products will be excellent, shallow, black spots, black lines, blackness uneven, or even leakage problem. After the aging of the rubber bar, it will not be able to recover.
6, disassemble clean scraper. Clean scraper and powder bin scraper are similar in composition, but a little harder polyurethane rubber is used. Of course, its function is not the same as powder bin scraper. The state of rubber material and the edge of the scraper are very important. After a long time of use, the rubber will age and deform, the edge of the scraper will often appear gaps, and some parts will appear on the printed products. A light colored black line with bottom or vertical. This kind of cleaning scraper can not be used again. New cleaning scrapers should be replaced in time.
7, disassemble the charging roller. The surface layer of the charging roll often wears because of long-term use of bonded carbon powder, carbon powder additives and paper scraps. These phenomena can cause black spots on the bottom ash or printed matter. Before filling the carbon powder, wipe it lightly with soft cloth (with some special reagents, do not use alcohol). It is necessary to clean the surface as much as possible so as to have some black spots on the printed matter. To effectively charge the photosensitive drum. If it is found that its surface is damaged, it should not be used again. If it continues to be used, it will not only affect charging, but also break down the drum core.
8. Scraper and scraper are used together to seal. When the scraper is deformed, it is easy to cause powder leakage in the waste silo, leaving irregular ink spots and black lines on the surface of the printed products.
9. Electrical contacts All the photosensitive drums, magnetic rollers and charging rollers in the selenium drum assembly have contacts connected with the machine. In assembly, attention should be paid to the cleanliness and conduction of the contacts.
10. Location problem Each component has its own fixed position, usually positioned by pin or screw, while silo and waste