Chinamate actively contributes to social development.

Energy-saving and Emission-reduction

In recent years, Chinamate attaches great importance to energy-saving emission reduction work, strengthen leadership, and carefully deploy the work measure to ensure energy conservation and emission reduction work . We enhance energy-saving awareness, effectively increase investment, and highlight the reduction projects to achieve the targets for the company’s long-term sustainable development .

Creating opportunities for the disabled

Chinamate not only gives a lot of employment opportunities to disabled person, but also takes care of every disabled worker’s working condition.
Chinamate arranges disabled workers to the working position where they can fully perform themselves , based on their physical condition and own will. Moreover, every disabled worker in Chinamate will get their wages, bonuses, and benefits equally in time, and signed formal labor contract with Chinamate. They will feel the warmth of enterprise in this big family, developing a sense of belonging and achievement gradually. 

Build Industry university research practice base

The essence of cooperation between the enterprise and scientific research institutes,universities is to effectively promote the combination of various production factors in technological innovation. As function of university extend education and study to social service,education,technology and economy tend to integrate.
 Holding the opening ceremony of IAR practice base owes to the value “Become the university mostly integrates with industry” and the management philosophy”Train talents,Serve society ” of Zhuhai College of Jilin University,improving the level of enterprise’s technology and university’s practice. Both of us believe that the practice base will play a great role in serving society and a win-win result.