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18 months
Please follow the steps below to solve the problem: a.Open the front cover.   b.  Make machine keep turning on for 10 minutes until cool down.   c. Slowly take out the drum unit and toner cartridge separately,then pull out the paper
a. Please check the protection shield is removed or not.   
b. The structure of some universal and IP friendly models will be little different  to original product, please pay more attention to learn Instruction before you install it in printer..  
c. For Brother series, We designed a simple device to prevent gear forgetting reset due to inspection.
a. Take cartridge out of the printer, clean the chips with clean dry tissue    
b. For some brand such as Samsung/Lexmark, due to the hardware upgrade action by original company, the chips you received may not workable anymore, please contact us for chips exchange.   
c. Please confirm this cartridge model can suitable used in your printer machine.
If the page yield of compatible toner cartridges is within 5% less than OEM’s, this is normal as page yield doesn’t just depended on how many toner is filled, but also affected by environment/the state of printer/prints coverage/print quantity/concentration setting etc. If less than OEM’s dramatically (more than 5%), there may be several reasons: a.The filled toner is not enough. Usually it will happen rarely, because we have strict quality control before delivery.  b.The document print is with high coverage. As most users print more graphics, gray scales and large amounts of text which with high coverage, obviously the page yield will not be enough.
Please check whether the sealing tape is pulled out if the blank page is printed. If the door inside the printer does not open, the laser bean cannot reach the OPC then there will no discharge on OPC thus no toner powder will be transferred. A broken OPC shutter door will stop image to be transferred from the OPC to the paper.
Failed conduction may cause black printout, please check the conductor on both side of the cartridge, clamp the conductor and reinstall.
Extraneous impurity may cause periodic lines or points on the output, please place the cartridge with the opening section downward to make the extraneous impurity drop out。
The best storing temperature for cartridges to obtain best printing quality is 10℃- 33℃, 20-80% RH.If storing in high or low temperature/humidity for long time the printing performance will may affect.
Generally not.If your machine does break down and can provide relevant proof,we will check and offer service.
Yes. All of our toner cartridges are filled to maximum capacity and are carefully weighed before distribution.
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